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Solar Study Lamp (Scholar)

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Solar Study Lamp (Scholar)

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  • Solar Study Lamp (Scholar)
  • special product for book readings for school children
  • More than 150 Lux at 1ft
  • 1Wp Solar Panel


Waaree Scholar Solar Reading Lamp Green 0.3W LED, with more than 180 Lux at 30 cms Adjustable height of the lamp 1Wp Solar Panel Works for more than 6 hrs after one full charge Brand: WAAREE Manufacturer: WAAREE Model: WEPLLL202 Product ID: WEPLLL202
Additional Information

Product Specification

Compliances Dust-proof, waterproof
Weight Description 300 gm
Manufacturer Waaree Energies Ltd.
Handling Time 5 days
Dimensions (LXWXH) 12cm x 9cm x 11cm
Model WEPLLL202
Lumen 180 Lux at 30 cms

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