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Su-kam 50W/12V 36 Cells Polycrystalline Solar Module (Panel)

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Su-kam 50W/12V 36 Cells Polycrystalline Solar Module (Panel)

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  • High performance, small frames and perfect for small roofs to Megawatt size power plants
  • Rigid frame a hollow chamber profile ensures rigidity and high performance
  • Anti glare and self cleaning for maximum output and low maintenance effort
  • High tech material EVA highly transparent to provide an extremely stable connection of components
  • Solid back sheet high level of UVA resistance a solid basis delivers solid output
  • Excellent module efficiencies
  • Resistant against wind and snow


Su-Kam builds the perfect modules: for single-family households, farms, schools, industrial use and solar power plants. The company builds modules that optimally adapt to the living and sun conditions in your region
Additional Information

Product Specification

Weight Description 3.96 kg
Dimensions (LXWXH) 55.5cm x 66.5cm x 2.5cm
Compliances TUV IEC EN 61215 -205, TUV IEC EN 61730-1-2007, ISO 14001-2004 & ISO 9001-2008
Handling Time 6 working days (excluding Sat,Sun)
Manufacturer Su-Kam
Model Su-kam 50W/12V 36 Cells
Module Efficiency [%] 14
Rating [Wp] 50
Isc - Short Circuit Current (STC) [A] 3.1
Voc - Open Circuit Voltage [STC [A]] 21.4
Vmpp - Voltage at Maximum Power [V] 17.7
Impp - Current at Maximum Power [A] 2.85
Number of Cells 36
Back Cover EVA
Manufacture Specification's PDF Download

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