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Borg Astra+ 1500 W Single Phase Solar Hybrid Inverters

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Borg Astra+ 1500 W Single Phase Solar Hybrid Inverters

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  • Unattended & Intelligent Monitoring (R232 or USB, SNMP)
  • Wide Input Range for Long Working Hours
  • Multi-setting- PV Priority or AC Priority
  • Intelligent No Load Auto Shutdown
  • Hi-speed Sync Conversion
  • Online Protection Function & high Reliability MPPT


A Borg Astra can be used in apartments, independent houses and offices and takes up 90 square feet per kW on the rooftop. Its weight is less than 90kg. Expansion options, should you wish to generate more electricity, are simple to install provided you have the required space.
Additional Information

Product Specification

Manufacturer Borg
Weight Description 152.2 kg
Handling Time 1 weeks
Model 1500 ZXi
Inverter Type Hybrid Inverter
Inverter Power 1500W
Battery Voltage 48 Vdc
MPP Voltage range [V] 48-90
Manufacture Specification's PDF Download

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